“Since we have gone to fuel injection in the ARCA Racing Series, it has been very hard on the charging system and batteries that we used to run. We have gone to the GreenStart Batteries in all of our race cars and have not had a problem with the batteries or the charging system. I would recommend the GreenStart Battery in all applications!”

Testimonials - GreenStart Batteries | Livonia MI New & Used Battery Supplier - star1

- Bill K.

Owner of Kimmel Racing

“The 10-year-old large deep cycle batteries in our floor scrubber would not charge completely or hold charge for very long. GreenStart Batteries added their Electrolyte Cell Optimizer (ECO) to regenerate our batteries for less than half the cost of new ones. Now they take a full charge and last considerably longer. I would recommend this process for any used or new battery to prolong the life and power.”

Testimonials - GreenStart Batteries | Livonia MI New & Used Battery Supplier - star1

- Matt M.

Facility Supervisor

Racing is a sport that, by design, is a test of man and machine. The goal as always is to achieve maximum performance at minimum penalty. Just like the driver, the machine is pushed to the ragged edge at every race and any failure is not only undesirable, but costly. It is a sport that breaks things often, in unexpected ways, and at the worst time possible it seems. As a multi truck team, this season we have broken transmissions, engines, and countless other parts as well. OUR GREENSTART BATTERIES HAVE NOT MISSED A BEAT. Batteries in racing die for sure and one of our fellow competitors this very season had a near victory turn into a non-finish because of a battery failure in the late stages of the race.

These batteries are cranking 400 HP high compression engines. In addition, once they get it started THERE IS NO ALTERNATOR to charge them. They must run all the electrical loads on the truck until the end of the race. At many races there is a halfway competition stop where all trucks are shut off and even some cases where we may have a red flag near the end of the show requiring the engine be shut off. It is not uncommon to see people sweat bullets hoping their now hot engine will restart. We have ZERO concern with that! The #14 accidently didn’t get its battery charged at all after one race and ran TWO RACES IN A ROW without charging! Not something I would recommend, but the GreenStart Batteries was up to the task! We have been EXTREMELY pleased with how these batteries have performed and they have taken one thing off my mind as an owner!

Testimonials - GreenStart Batteries | Livonia MI New & Used Battery Supplier - star1

Steve P.

General Manager - SPEAR Motorsports

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