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Battery Regeneration

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Discover why our eco-friendly products last longer

Introducing a Revolutionary New Electrolyte Cell Optimizer (ECO) Technology That Will Bring Your Batteries Back to Life Using a Quick, Easy, and Environmentally-Safe Process. While all batteries are designed to work for an extended number of cycles, a significant number of batteries die as a result of corrosion or accumulation of lead sulphate on the plates. GreenStart Battery’s unique technology can quickly and easily strip the plates of any corrosion or lead sulphation to restore their capacity and working condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement!

How does it work?

When you call GreenStart Batteries, within 24 hours, a technician will perform the initial inspection and preparation. We’ll determine whether your battery is a good candidate for our ECO technology, which can then be performed on the spot! If your battery has reached a point where it can no longer be regenerated, we also offer a complete line of high-performing new batteries for a longer lasting, more affordable, and eco friendly alternative!

Buy & Pickup

Maintenance program

$19.99 Battery Tune-Up Special

Our Seasonal tune-up is designed for Boaters, Campers, RV’s, Lawn Tractors, Motorcycles.

Bring us your battery and a GreenStart Technician will: 

  • Clean the battery case inspect for any defects

  • Polish the positive & negative posts

  • Test the battery for (SOC) State of Charge

  • Perform a Load Test for proper Amperage

  • Install a dosage of our Eco-Technology

  • Set the Battery on a Trickle Charge keeping it Fully Charged and Ready to Go.

Your Battery is now Protected and will be fully functional and ready for pickup when your ready all for just $19.99 call for details Slots are going quick.

Auto meter battery chargers and maintainers

IMG_0112 (1).jpg

Auto Meter Battery Chargers and Maintainers, GreenStart Offers the Auto Meter Line of Battery Chargers and Maintainers

We recommend these "intelligent" chargers because they not only charge your battery, but will float it at "Peak Charge", enabling you to always be ready to go! We recommend these intuitive chargers in combination with our ECO Technology, affording you optimal performance and safeguarding you in every way.


What Kind of Batteries Can The ECO Process Regenerate

Trucks & Automobiles

A new car battery can average at over $100 for a replacement. GreenStart Batteries can regenerate your existing battery for only $19.99!

Recreation Vehicles

Next time, Bring your Battery to GreenStart for a Seasonal Tune up, Power restored Ready to GO.

Marine Vehicles

Many large commercial boats, and even mid-size recreational boats, utilize multiple batteries for their operation. With our advanced technology, you can save a fortune each year avoiding replacement batteries.

It doesn’t end there, some other industries that can reduce their costs with ECO technology include construction, agriculture, medical, military, municipal, and many more!

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